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November 2019

iPhone ‘Night-vision’ mode?

Like secret settings? Here’s how to make your iPhone screen display using only red light. Great if you’re out camping, stargazing, or just don’t want to lose your night vision. Here’s how:

Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Display Accommodations –> Colour Filters –> Colour Tint Move Intensity and Hue to the right. Turn off Colour Filters. Go back to Accessibility, then select “Accessibility Shortcut.” Choose the “Colour Filters”. Turn it on/off by triple-clicking the Home button.

Choosing a keyboard for your tablet.

Tablets are great but the touchscreen keyboard leaves much to be desired. Luckily, there are a number of products that can help bridge the productivity gap between laptops and tablets without too much extra to weight or cost.

But which one to choose? Obviously Bluetooth portable keyboards make the most sense, but can lose signal and need charging. A combination keyboard/carry case makes the most sense: they’re more durable than the roll up varieties.

Laptop or Desktop?

Modern laptops are light, powerful, and maintain a charge for a decent length of time. So why would you ever consider buying a desktop? Special applications aside desktops still have some advantages. They tend to be cheaper, more powerful, have bigger storage, are customisable, and anyone who’s ever had an annoying line on their laptop screen will agree, last longer.

There’s one more: you leave your desktop where it is, so when it’s off, so are you.

Better than a smartboard?

Presentation time—whether in the boardroom or the classroom, you’ll know the frustration of juggling with your laptop connected to a big screen while trying to engage your audience or have used a smartboard and, horror, dropped the pen, you may welcome a more intuitive solution.

Large touchscreens have their own problems but now comes Touchjet, a camera that mounts on any screen, can track your hand movements and deliver a seamless experience. One to watch.

How to make the best purchase

There are two mistakes you can make when buying products. First, is assuming that price equals value. Second, is thinking that buying cheap is saving money.

The best way to spend your money is on a product that does what you need and want it to and that lasts. Really, independent reviews are your best way of finding that out. Don’t waste your money on assumptions of quality or by buying things too cheap.